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[Pakistan]–An explosion which occurred in the city of Lahore, on Thursday, previously thought to have been a result of a bomb blast, has now been confirmed to be the consequence of a gas leak.

In a press conference held in the city on Friday, Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah, explained that the bomb which caused the death of six people was not another case of a suicide bombing incident but an accidental gas leak.

“[Thursay’s] explosion was an accident. It was not caused by explosives of an act of terrorism. The presence of gas cylinders and leakage has been confirmed on the site. We got forensic report this morning and the results and conclusions are that there was no indication of explosives or related materials.”

Sanaullah blamed the misconceptions on the growing concern and chaotic happenings going on in the country, as a result of two recent suicide bombing attacks: one in the city of Islamabad on February 17, which claimed 88 lives and another in Lahore, killing at least 13 people.

In response to these attacks, the Pakistani government had vowed to staunchly combat the terrorism dogging the country, going as far as shutting down the borders between her and Afghanistan for security purposes. Since the bombing at Islamabad, it has executed over 100 suspects in an attempt to show aggression.

Speculations as to the source of these terrorist attacks have begun. Some senior Pakistani security officials have named India as a suspect, as the country looks to end the relationship between China and Pakistan.

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