Living & Lifestyle: Five Ways to Make It Count

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[Living]–Hello dear reader, in our love and concern for your health and social life, we have specially designed this column for you! Be sure to get interesting health tips, social life gist, relationship guides, inspirational quotes and many more.
Today, I will be giving a general tips and things to avoid living a healthy lifestyle.
Healthy living is not just about what you eat and drink or the exercise you do, it also involves your attitudes and behavior, your perception about life and most importantly your relationship with people around you.
So, these tips are varieties for you. Read and digest and ensure that you in-tune them into your daily activities.


These are necessities for all humans’ life. One needs to eat food for growth and maintenance of the body and nature has wired humans to rest for another day’s job. So, eat well, drink more than enough water and rest well. Yes, these are basic ways to living a healthy lifestyle. Eating well entails eating balanced diet, a diet that contains all the classes of foods in the right proportion. Regardless of the present economic situation, strive to eat a balanced diet. Also, drink lots of water. Doctors and health experts keep emphasizing this because of the great importance you get from drinking water. It flushes toxics out of the body, aids easy digestion, prevent dehydration and many more. A good rest at night will make you feel fresh and mentally alert for the activities of the next day. So, try to get your six hours sleep daily.


These substances have more adverse effects on the users than the pleasure derived from taking them. Tobacco use causes atherosclerotic, an arterial disease that can lead to heart attack, strokes, lack of blood flow to the lower extremities. It also causes all kinds of cancers like cancers of the mouth, lip, tongues, esophagus, kidney and bladder.
Chronic excess consumption of alcohol is the major cause of liver cirrhosis, which can cause internal hemorrhage, fluid accumulation in the abdomen, mental confusion, infection, kidney failure and other advanced cases
From the above, you will agree with me that the disadvantages of tobacco use and alcohol consumptions outweigh the advantage. Avoid these life- shortening substances and if you have started taking them, ensure that you stop.


High risk sexual behaviors include: multiple sex partners, unprotected sex and having partner with history of sexually transmitted diseases. These can lead to acquiring sexually transmitted illnesses like gonorrhea, syphilis, herps or HIV infection. High risk sexual behaviour is also known to spread human papillomavirus infection, which can lead to cervical cancer in women and other anogenital cancer in both men and women. The simple way to avoid all these life threatening diseases is to have a partner who has been tested and declared negative and the best way is to abstain before marriage!


Avoid other risk behaviours like driving under the influence of alcohol, reckless driving, motor cycle riding without helmet, depriving one of sleep, smoking in bed and many more


 The body is not the only organ that needs healthy contents, the mind also needs it. The mind is a very powerful organ so much that whatever goes on your mind affects your behavior and attitude towards life. So, feed it with healthy contents. Read books on personal developments, read about achiever, read inspirational books, pay regular visit to serene places and be optimistic.
These activities will always channel your mind towards positiveness. And that is a sure way to healthy and successful life. 

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