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[Ibadan]–The 6th assembly of the Students’ Representative Council, University of Ibadan, has reinstated the Students’ Union President and General Secretary, Mr. Ojo Oluwanifemi and Mr. Adegbola Oluwafemi respectively, while the Vice President, Miss Okunsanmi Aderoju was impeached by the House.

While the three officers were suspended in  the sittings of the council on December 10, 2016 for different reasons, they have been reinstated or impeached on different basis, during the sitting which held on Saturday 25 February, 2017, at the SRC chambers in the Kunle Adepeju building.

The President was earlier suspended on the charges of; negligence of duty; not carrying the SRC along in the production of the Union’s log and in the sale of a Marcopolo bus, in which there was no legal record to back up; inability to control and harmonize the activities of other executives; among other allegations.

The General Secretary was suspended on the basis of negligence of duty, however, after he was alleged of involving in examination malpractice.

The impeached Vice President was earlier suspended on the basis of her going against the provision of the constitution by receiving the Union’s money in cash without the knowledge of the treasurer, whose job it is to receive the money and pay into the Union’s account within limited time.

However, the Council at her sitting reinstated the President on the basis that he has returned the Marcopolo bus and has tendered a letter of apology to the Council and Uites as a whole.

But the Vice President was impeached on the basis that she was unable to give full account of the money spent during the Union’s week, especially her inability to give account of N230,000 out of the N800,000 given to the Union by Governor Ajimobi.

“The Disciplinary committee asked me how I spent the Ajimobi’s money. The first question I asked them was that why is it that Ajimobi’s money is pertinent in this issue. Why don’t you just ask me how I spent the whole money. I was actually angry.

I am human so I am bound to be angry at some issues. And they were like that it would be better for me to breakdown how I spent Ajimobi’s money and I told them that the report already explained how I spent the entire money, not Ajimobi’s money but I said if you want me to start racking my head, to remember the ones that I can remember, I told them the ones I could. Everything is in the report in which I made simple…My problem is what exactly do they want?” she said, in an interview with The Page correspondent.

However, in a phone conversation with the Speaker of the SRC, Rt. Hon. Onifade Bello, he said that “she said she could only remember how she spent N570,000, the remaining N230,000 that she doesn’t know who she gave the money or how she spent it, but that she knows that she spent it during the course of the SU week.”

“So the Council agreed that she should be impeached with a condition that if she is able to prove her innocence, if she is able to provide all record and receipt and document, showing how she spent the money, she should be absorb of those charges”, he said.

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