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<> on February 15, 2011 in London, England.

[UK]–Former British Prime Minister, Sir John Major has criticised Theresa May over Brexit policies.

According to Sir Major, Prime Minister May is misleading to the British populace by giving them overtly optimistic projections about the future, which may likely never come to fruition.

Rather than let the people know exactly what the situation is, he claims, May avoids confronting the ugly truth.

Sir John Major doubted the legitimacy of “enticing” promises being offered to voters. Furthermore, he berated May and her cabinet for keeping mum on the totality of the Brexit costs, which includes “a potential £60bn divorce bill – and major potential damage to the NHS and welfare.”

With the House of Lords debating the Bill that will grant May permission to propagate the philosophy of Brexit in neighbouring states, Sir Major accused the Prime Minister of attempting to use Parliament as a “rubber stamp” for her own agenda.

As reported by Telegraph UK, the conservative statexman argued tbat May’s plans “would not come close” to working. Echoing the sentiments recently echoed by Tony Blair, he demanded those concerned about Brexit be allowed to speak up, denying they are ‘opposing the will of the people’, and instead stating “they are the people”.

The take-down of the May’s approach to leaving the EU also saw Sir Major warn May of building close ties with American president, Donald Trump and of already souring the atmosphere on the continent with “cheap rhetoric”.

Targeting the false optimism of ministers, the ex-PM said: “The hopes of those who favoured leaving the European Union are sky-high. We are told that countries ‘are queuing up to do trade deals with us’. That ‘our best days lie ahead’.

“It all sounds very enticing. And, for the sake of our country, I hope the optimists are proved right. But I’m not sure they will be. My own experience of international negotiations, and the national self-interest that accompanies them, makes me doubt the rosy confidence being offered to the British people.”

May is yet to respond.

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