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[NORTH KOREA]–Five senior security officials have been executed by North Korea for feeding leader, Kim Jong UN with false information.

In a private briefing made by the National Intelligence Service to lawmakers, it was revealed that the five were killed with antiaircraft guns.

Lee Cheol Woo, one of the lawmakers, told the press that the officials worked under the disgraced former state security chief, Kim Won Hong.

Hong was dismissed in January, following allegations of corruption and human rights abuses. According to Woo, the false information was linked to Hong’s firing and upon discovery of the untruth, Kim Jong Un was reportedly angered.

This adds to the ever-growing list of federal government personnel who Kim Jong Un has had executed.

Last year, Jong Un executed two other senior officials — former agricultural minister Hwang Min and senior education ministry official Ri Yong-jin — with an anti-aircraft gun, with bullets which can tear a human being apart.

Yong-jin was allegedly killed for falling asleep during a meeting, while Min’s crime was his schemes to push policies which Kim Jong Un was not smitten by.

The news of the five officials’ executions comes less than a fortnight after the supreme leader’s half-brothet was assassinated at Kuala Lumpur Airport, using a VX nerve agent.

Two women were arrested for poisoning him. In their defence, both women -one from Vietnam and the other from Indonesia – claimed that they were tricked by some North Korean men who asked them to administer the poison, under the pretext that they were participating in a prank on a reality TV show.

According to South Korea’s intelligence agency, in a statement released on Monday, the murder was orchestrated by Pyongyang’s Ministry of State Security.

It is still unknown, as many things with Kim Jong UN’s administration are, what he is going to do to the arrested suspects.

Also, as for the officials’ executions, the actual nature of the false details is shrouded in mystery.

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