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[India]– The Madras High Court in India has ruled that the multi-national corporations, Pepsi and Coca Cola will be allowed to use water from the river Tamiraparani in Tamil Nadu, in making their products.

The rule which was passed on March 02, 2017, came about four months after the cola giants were stopped from using the water amid protests by some quarters who argued that farmers are at the suffering end, as Pepsi and Coca Cola use the river water for commercial gain.

However, the companies responded to the claim as they argued that they use only surplus water from the river, which is in Tirunelveli district.

Since then, the bottling plants in the estate have not been allowed to use the water for the past four months pending the court’s decision.

Coke and Pepsi alleged that they were being targeted; their plants are part of a government industrial estate and water is being supplied to all industries, NDTV news channel reports.

Although the president of the Federation of Tamil Nadu Traders Association, TT Vellaiyan, said,
“Drinks like Coke and Pepsi are unhealthy as they have high sugar content and chemicals…Fruit juices and Indian soft drinks are much better”.

The Indian Beverages Association said, “PepsiCo India and Hindustan CocaCola are Indian companies. The ban is against the Make in India spirit.

Both are safe, conforming to international standards. We hope customers will have the right to choose.”

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