UPDATES: We must approve one man one wife –Sen. Ekweremadu

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[Ibadan]–Senator Ike Ekweremadu has argued that there is a strong need to approve a policy that ensures that a man only marries one wife.

He made this argument at the ongoing 4th National Public Service Lecture of the University of Ibadan Alumni Association this evening where he is delivering a lecture on the topic: Federalism and the Legal Framework For Combating Corruption in Nigeria.

The senator has cited the ‘cultural practice of multiple wives’ as one of the factors that allows corruption to breed.

He was of the stance that more wives leads to more children. And in a state where a man has less to take care of those children, he tends to take from other people’s resources to satisfy the needs of his large family.

“Again, the cultural practice of multiple wives in different parts of the country results in multiple children, most times beyond the earning capacity of the man. It is common to find drivers, clerks, and other low-income earners with multiple wives and numerous children .

If a man whose income can only cater to the needs of a wife and three children now has to provide for three wives and 12 children, it is only natural that he would come under tremendous pressure to seek other ways to meet up with his self-imposed excess responsibility.” He buttressed. [UPDATED AT 7.11PM]

The Senator also revealed that, “We have pretended as if we are not running a Federal System…until we federate the fight against corruption, we will continue to have problems.”

He also reasoned that Nigerians who say that change must start with the government are also right.

“But unfortunately, we have a devilish society”, he lamented.

It will be recalled that just two weeks ago, The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, threatened that he may soon propose a law, which would stop poor men in the emirate from marrying more than one wife.

THE PAGE reports live from the lecture.

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