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[U.S]–According to collected reports from journalists, diplomats and political analysts the Russian government is seeking to take advantage of the turmoil within the White House to expand its global influence.

Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, has long been an opponent of Western liberalism as the world order, seeking to bring an end to it. This, in the well-educated opinion of analysts, is why he sought to better the odds of Tump’s victory at the 2016 US presidential elections.

As Putin saw it, Trump seemed to align with his criticisms of NATO and the European Union, and support an endorsement of the Brexit. Thus, when Trump won, Moscow began to plot ways to exploit the predictably chaos that would ensue in the White House.

Also, analysts believe, any controversy that Russia creates gives the Kremlin leverage that it can try to trade in the global arena.

Alexei A. Venediktov, the editor in chief of Echo of Moscow, a Russian radio station with liberal philosophical standings, said about Trump, “They think he is unstable, that he can be manipulated, that he is authoritarian and a person without a team.

They are all telling each other that this is great, he created this turbulence inside, as we wanted, and now he is focused on his domestic problems and we have more freedom to manoeuvre,” Venediktov said.

“Let them deal with their own problems. There, not in Ukraine. There, not in the Middle East. There, not in NATO.

This is the state of mind right now.”

This opinion was echoed by Sergei Markov, an analyst with affiliations with the Russian leadership.

“Right now the Kremlin is looking for ways that Russia can use the chaos in Washington to pursue its own interests,” said Markov, a member of the Civic Chamber, a Kremlin advisory group.

“The main hope is that the U.S. will be preoccupied with itself and will stop pressuring Russia.”

But the Kremlin knows that it could be disastrous to Russia if it keeps up the tactic of creating and exploiting troubles as the prolonged instability in the world order could allow threats like the extremist group Islamic State to gain upper hand.

“It is important for Russia that America does its job in foreign policy,” said Alexey Chesnakov, a political adviser and the director of the Center for Current Politics, an analysis group in Russia.

“If there is nobody to do that job, it might not be good for us, either.”

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