My Reflections: I am yet to eat my share of the national cake

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By:Obafemi Oluwanifemi

[Guest Page]–“We want to send away Shoprite, MTN, DSTV and other South African companies in Nigeria due to the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians”, they said.

Stears NG

“Wait… do not do that yet. My best ice-cream can only be found at Shoprite. I love taking pictures at Shoprite and I still want to buy my baby toys from Shoprite. My boyfriend is working at MTN and he gets free airtime every time. He sends credit to me and calls me all the time. If you annihilate MTN, how do you expect my boyfriend to call me? When I find a better boyfriend who works in an oil company, you can go ahead to destroy MTN. Also, if you send DSTV away, how will I be able to watch my favourite movies and listen to my favourite songs? Please, wait… do not do that yet”.

“Those found guilty of embezzlement of public funds and corruption by the law court will henceforth be sentenced to death”, they said. “Wait… do not do that yet. I am yet to eat my share of the national cake. After I am done with my political ambition to loot public funds, we can enforce the law, but not now because I must eat my share of the national cake”.

Could we be the author of our wrongs, the writer of our predicament, the architect of our own sorrows and the builder of our own troubles? Or how else can we explain a situation where someone committed a crime and we still give him a grand welcome? How can we explain a situation where someone committed a crime and yet we do not want the full penalty to be meted out to the person?

The society itself is filled with hypocritical thinking and behaviour. We say something should be done about a particular situation and yet we raise an eyebrow when something is actually done about it. No wonder the Yoruba adage that says “Ba mi na omo mi ko denu olomo”, that is, a mother who says ‘help me beat my child’ is not genuine with her plea.

We are like a young girl who knows the intricacies of abuse and curses but cannot lift a finger to fight. We use our tongues as swords but we cannot even clench our fists. Whenever it is time to act out the words we have spoken, we run under the cover like chickens. We complain that the government is not doing well but we are afraid of protest in case Bubu’s soldiers come around. When exactly are we going to forsake complaints for action?

The freedom we enjoy now, some people fought for it, not minding the prepared gallows and the opened prison cells. What will be the freedom the coming generation will enjoy if we decide to close our mouths? Remember, a closed mouth is a closed destiny.

Don’t complain anymore, ASK, DEMAND, FIGHT.

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