GDG Ibadan Holds Google Cloud Next ’17 Extended

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[Ibadan]– Google Developer Group (GDG) Ibadan hosted the Google Cloud Next ’17 Extended at the Nustream Conference and Culture Centre yesterday March 8, 2017.

The event which was an extension of the Google Cloud Next ’17 being held currently in San Francisco, USA, was organized to address and discuss Google Cloud Platform opportunities and future.

Next ’17 is about new ideas for the future of the cloud and learning from industry experts, engaging with peers for an immersive event that brings together senior executives, customers, partners, developers, IT decision makers, and Google Engineers to build the future of the cloud.

Attendees are being allowed to choose from over 200 varieties of sessions on Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, Maps, Devices, and more.

The Ibadan Extended Centre followed the live stream of the event in San Francisco. The keynotes were delivered by Diane Greene, Senior Vice President Google Cloud; Sundar Pichai, CEO Google Inc.; Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman Alphabet Inc.;  Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist Cloud Al and Ml, Google Cloud; Tariq Shaukat, and Sara Robinson.

According to the speakers the Google Cloud Platform allows for virtualization of data. It is the storage of data, information and analytics on the cloud platform for easy access and better security. Google Cloud Storage is unified object storage for developers and enterprises, from live data serving to data analytics/ML to data archiving. Along with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Google is building the infrastructure of the web and is becoming the largest cloud server.

Countless startups and established enterprise are now using or switching Google Cloud as their only hosting provider. Some of these enterprises include giant companies like Colgate Palmolive, Verizon, SAP SE, HSBC Bank, The Home Depot, among others.

In attendance at the Ibadan Next Extended were local developers, programmers, hackers and students who have all joined others in the world to participate in the world largest tech conference.

While the Keynote was going on in San Francisco, the Ibadan Extended version organized series of lecture to engage participants.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Demilade Odetara, a 300 level student of the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Ibadan, presented an application he designed.

The App called ‘Hubble’ is an educational resources application designed to bridge the gap between students and knowledge. The application is a material data bank for university students across the world.

According to Odetara, educational systems around the world have become digitalized but Nigeria’s still remain traditional.

“I plan on creating something that is not different from the current educational system but leveraging on the current educational system.”

He further claimed that the App has received applaud especially among the students of the University of Ibadan as there is increase in downloads.

“The application has so far received laudable response especially from the fresh students of the University of Ibadan, we have recorded up to 300 downloads”, Odetara said.

Also speaking at the event was Mr. Emmanuel Adegbite, a hacker, who spoke on cloud vision and content analysis using Application Programming Interface (API), where he explained how to extract information like location coordinates, landmark, facial expression etc, from a picture.

He also explained features of Cloud text to speech Application Programming Interface (API) and how it can be utilized for developers use.

The last speaker of the event, a Computer Science graduate of the University of Ibadan, was Mr. Olanrewaju Abidogun explained how to ‘Create Virtual Machine on Google Compute Engine’.

Abidogun while defining virtual machine said, “A virtual machine is an operating system (OS) or application environment that is installed on software, which imitates dedicated hardware. The end user has the same experience on a virtual machine as they would have on a dedicated hardware.”

“Instead of creating virtual machine on your local computers, your virtual machine can be created on Google compute engine.

“Unlike when it runs on your computers, it allows you customize virtual machines, it boot quickly and allows for three month free usage and then you pay based on what you use.

“You can also install and uninstall at will because it is very easy”, Abidogun had said.

While responding to questions from participants, the Co-lead of GDG Ibadan, Hamza Fetuga, promised to extend trainings to students especially those of the University of Ibadan.

“Overtime interest of the University of Ibadan students in technology has dwindled. We are however putting some things in place to help students in developing on programming.

The programme will last till Friday, March 10 and would feature practical sessions, competitions and so on.

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