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[India]–Namir Azir, a 15-year-old boy has been shot dead in Kashmir in India during a protest in response to an ongoing raid against two suspected rebels.

This happened after security officials fired shots at the increasingly violent crowd.

As the fighting intensified villagers marched to the area and threw rocks at the government officials. help the suspects escape, according to SP Vaid, a senior police officer.

According to eyewitnesses, the troops fired live ammunition, tear gas and shotgun pellets at the protesting villagers, killing Azir and injuring three others.

According to Vaid, the police officers asked the protesters to stay away from the line of fire.

But this warning fell on deaf ears, with the officers eventually firing at them.

It was this indiscriminate shooting that led to the stray bullet which pierced through Azir.

A police officer who pleaded anonymity informed reporters that one of the rebels was killed soon after the gunfight started.

Furthermore, he said the government officials brought the other rebel’s wife and two children to the site from a neighbouring village to get him to surrender.

According to the officer, he refused the surrender chance and was also killed in the fighting.

The clashes continued in the village and spread to the neighbouring town of Pampore, where businesses shuttered their shops and groups of youths hurled rocks at the troops.

The raid has a history traceable to the fact that Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan, both of whom have fought over control of the Himalayan territory since the British colonialists left the subcontinent in 1947.

India has accused Pakistan of “arming and training Kashmiri rebels who have been fighting for independence or for a merger with Pakistan since 1989.” Pakistan denies the charge, saying the only form of support it provides the Kashmiri’s is moral.

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