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[#BBOG]–The popular group, #BringBackOurGirls has alerted that the nation’s education is clearly under attack and that it will take the unity of all to ensure that the children are safe in schools.

The group made this statement in one of its press release to mark the three years since 29 schoolboys of Federal Government College, Buni Yadi, #BuniYadiHeroes were murdered in their school.

“This is our third memorial to honour their memory and to seek redress on their behalf, their families, and their school, as well as the broader issues of Endangered Education. We are extremely saddened and disappointed at the federal and state governments’ ill-treatment of these young ones even in death.

“In our statement at the second memorial of their last year (see here: we helped clarify the exact number of schoolchildren that passed on that day as well as provided their names and classes at the time. We also raised pertinent issues, none of which has been addressed one full year on.” The statement read.

The release further alerted that, “Education is clearly under attack in Nigeria. We must unite to counter this and ensure that our children are not only safe but feel safe to be in school, and must never be put in a position to decide between being safe and being in school.

“The life of each one of our children is precious. The constitutional duty to lead our society in living that Value is deposited with the Federal Government. Unfortunately, it has fallen short of this important role of ensuring the dignity of life of the Nigerian, especially our children and women. This must change.”

The group later submitted that it is the responsibility of the government to safeguard children’s education and it must be ready to discharge that responsibility.

“Safeguarding our children’s quest for education is a role that the President and the Federal Government must lead all levels of governance and our society at large to prioritize going forward.

“That is the best demonstration of the dignity we accord to the 29 Buni Yadi Federal Government College school boys who represent the symbol of the many school children we have failed to protect as a people. Today is a good day to start to make the lives of our children count.

“Today is a good day to send a strong signal to the enemies of knowledge that we shall protect the right of our children to pursue and excel through that bedrock of human progress– Education.” It concluded.

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