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[Lagos]–Barrister Joseph Onele, a Legal Practitioner with Nigeria’s foremost and leading commercial lawyer based in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria called Olaniwun Ajayi LP, has started to advocate against the bad grading system in the Nigerian Law School.

The advocacy contained in a petition published by the lawyer on that the Nigerian Law School (NLS) has been known for awarding candidates their lowest grade as their final grade, despite making other excellent grades.

According to him, “For instance, a student at the NLS who makes four (4) A Grades and one (1) C is likely to end up with a Pass, the A Grades, notwithstanding. One struggles to see how such arbitrary and flawed NLS Grading System can be justified in the name of ‘old time practice,’ given how retrogressive it is.

“In an ideal academic community, one would have expected that the cumulative average of the student would be used in arriving at the final grade. The abilities of a student should not be judged purely and solely on the basis of one subject that the student did relatively poor in, while the other outstanding grades the student made in other subjects are ignored.”

Onele had earlier published an opinion on THE PAGE, where he advocated that, “It is really maddening, untenable and unbecoming, when Nigerian Law School Lecturers come to the class and boast of how many students in the previous set failed woefully; how many had carry overs and had to retake the exams a couple of times before finally passing but fail to give the Nigerian Law School Students positive vibes and energy worthwhile to hold on to, that can propel them to achieve the seemly impossible.”

He has urged all who are genuinely concerned with having progressive academic and professional institutions who only award grades, that are truly reflective of students’ ​abilities, to join the Campaign #LawSchoolBadGradingMustStop and sign his Petition on

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