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[Flowolf]–The Page recently interviewed Flowolf, an upcoming artiste whose debut single, “Playback” featuring Davido and Dremo has begun to draw attention.

The University of Ibadan graduate spoke about his music, women, bromance with Davido and many more. Read the interview below:

Who is Flowolf?

The Flowolf is an Afro-pop / hip-hop / Afro-trap artiste equipped with very strong lyrical contents with a soothing patwa vibe to his delivery.

You have gone by other names such as Kandy Flow and Flowbyte. How did you come about the name, Flowolf?

Since I can remember I have been referred to as Flow , Flow backwards is Wolf, Wolf backwards is Flow , Flowolf backwards is Flowolf. My name depicts the originality in my own created sound and art as well as its diversity.

What did your family think of you going into music with a law degree?

I was in music even before the degree. So after the degree wouldn’t have been a good time for them to kill the dreams.

Do you still plan to practice law in the future?

My Dad is the C.E.O of three law firms in three different states in Nigeria and I’ll like to expand that , so that’s a yes.

What is it about music that attracts you so much?

Music is the fine wine that fills the cup of silence.. It attracts all.

At what point did you know you wanted to be a musician? Which musician I influenced you the most growing up?

At the point in my life I found out I couldn’t be a footballer. (LAUGHS) But yeah I always liked music , Dremo & I have been making music since I was about 13/14.

Who in the industry do you want to be like in five years?

My Oga , Davido

Let’s talk about Davido. How did you guys meet? What is the bromance like?

I Met Davido through my Brother Dremo’s brilliance , the relationship is really good as he is the kind of person to actually teach you to catch a fish , if you know what I mean.

Yes, I do. So, who else do you plan to collaborate with in the industry?

I have a lot of people in mind , but let’s see how that rolls out.

If you could collaborate with a foreign artist, who would it be?



Because I like his sound and have always had a thing for the francophone countries.

Your recent song, Playback featuring David and Dremo is making waves, how has the reception felt?

The reception has been overwhelming for a first single , But I have a lot more under my sleeves. (GRINS)

What sort of songs do you like to record?

Really depends on the picture I feel like painting at the time and the vibe around the bass of the song.

What are the plans for future releases? Album in sight?

No sir , not in sight till further notice, sir.

Any lady(ies) in the Flowolf’s life? What sort of girls do you fancy?

Zee ladies, I like them big, small, tall, short, with hair, bald and all.

If Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay and Simi were all drowning and you could only save one and make her your woman, who would you choose?

I’ll probably save Simi and then trade the option to date her for another power to save Seyi Shay and save Tiwa Savage too. (SMILES)

Does the Flowolf believe in love? Do you think an artist just breaking into the business should have time for love?

Everybody is moulded differently , but I’m too young for love I guess.

At what point in you career can you sit back and say, “I’ve made it”?

I’m not sure there will be any sitting back , but let’s see how it goes.

Who are the people who you can call the pillars of your career?

Make a shout-out.

Shout out to My Parents , Dmw & The wolfpack ??

You can download and watch the video of his latest song on Pulse.

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