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[North Korea]–The North Korean government has accused the United States and South Korea for plotting the the murder of leader Kim Jong-un’s half-brother, Kim Jong-nam.

According to North Korea’s deputy UN Ambassador, Kim In-ryong, “from A to Z, this case is the product of reckless moves of the United States and South Korean authorities”.

During the accusation as laid down by Kim, Washington and Seoul were trying to tarnish the North’s image and bring down its social system.

On February 13, Kim Jong-nam was killed with a VX nerve agent at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport on February 13 allegedly by two women – one from Indonesia and the other Malaysian.

Both claimed to have thought they were participating in a prank for reality television.

According to the UN Ambassador, the cause of Kim Jong-nam’s death “has not yet been clearly identified, but the United States and the South Korean authorities are groundlessly blaming [North Korea]”.

He called the US a suspect in the case, being one of the few countries capable of manufacturing the VX nerve agent which was used on the victim.

“It is a final aim sought by the United States to store up the international repugnance towards the DPRK,” he said of the attack, with the intention of provoking a “nuclear war against DPRK at any cost”.

Kim Jong-nam’s death has been a source of controversy, with fingers being pointed at different directions.

He was never said to have sought political power, after falling out of favour with his father following a scandal involving him travelling to Japan with a fake passport.

Despite his indifference towards political life, his position as eldest son of the family who, traditionally, was supposed to rule North Korea since it was founded could have made him to be a perceived threat to Kim Jong-un’s rule.

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