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[Ibadan]–Bright minds stormed the Ibadan World Speech Day event held at the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) chambers, University of Ibadan, Ibadan on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

The event which was themed “Thoughts for a Better World” was graced by the eminence of Mr. Kunle Awotiku, CEO Uniplan Independent Services; Mr. Fisayo Soyombo, Award winning investigative journalist and pioneer Editor at TheCable Newspaper; Mr. Ife Solomon, CEO Peppered Rice; Barr. Timi Olagunju, Mr. Fidelis Bonaventure.

While speaking, Timi Olagunju, who tweaked the topic to “thoughts for a better Nigeria”, noted that the problem of Nigeria is nothing but the “thought”. He made reference to the thoughts of Nigerians on politics, work and education.

According to him, the thoughts of Nigerians on these phenomena are ‘a means to an end.’ Nigerians thoughts about politics is to get rich fast and not to serve. The thoughts of Nigerians on work is also to get rich, “Nigerians have the records of bad work ethics”. School Certificate is also a means to get job and be comfortable rather than being a certified mind.

He proposed that if Nigeria is to be better, then, the “thought” of Nigerians have to be checked

To Mr. Bonaventure, everyone is responsible for a better world and so therefore had to give the cause “AIDES”. To him everyone have to think for themselves and not wait for what the constituted authority have to offer.

“If you shake the world, the shakers of the world would want to have a handshake with you”, he concluded

Mr. Soyombo believes there is a flicker of light to the current Nigerian problem. To him Nigeria is reddened with mess; corruption, lack of empathy to one another, enmity and so on, are the order of the day.

“Imagine a nation where a Soldier who had risked his life in the Boko Haram campaign and got blinded by a fragment of RPG was left for two years, one month without treatment. Imagine a nation where IDP officials cart away food meant for the displaced persons. I feel very sad each time I visit the Northern Nigeria”, he said.

He however believed everyone can be a flicker of light if we take responsibility for the problems and try in our little way to proffer solutions.

“I however saw a flicker of hope, I saw a woman who voluntarily dedicated her life to helping the IDPs, I saw a man who accommodate 49 IDPs in his compound and feed them with his pension.

“We don’t need a world where everything is good.

“Imagine we are in a dark room, imagine if everyone is a flicker of light, and imagine if everyone beams their light.”

Mr. Awotiku on his part believes that “thoughts become things” and “life is not all about credential but about potential.” He argued that majority listened to too many voices and they forget or never listened to theirs. He asserted that is the problem of the Nigeria’s president.

He mentioned that the meaning of television means telling a vision and therefore challenged everyone to have a vision in life that they are working towards.

Other speaker at the event includes, Mr. Ife Solomon, Pharm. Kazeem

The event also witnessed speeches and presentations of notable University of Ibadan students. Prominent among them were Mr. Adekunle ‘Fisayo Adebajo, who presented a spoken word; Mr. James Alufa, Mr. Sadik Gbenga and a host of others.

Students of Government College, Ibadan and Queens School, Ibadan also presented speeches around the theme of the day.

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