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[Germany]–German scientists on Thursday launched what is being billed as the world’s largest artificial sun with the intention of conducting research on how light intense source can be used to create climate-friendly fuel.

The Sunlight experiment, which was launches in  jülich, about 19 miles west of Cologne, consists 149 souped-up film projector spotlights and produces light about 10,000 times the intensity of natural sunlight on Earth.

The instrument can generate temperatures of around 3,500C, When all the lamps are switched on concentrate light on a single spot.

Prof. Bernard Hoffschmidt, a research director at the German Aerospace Center, where the experiment is housed in a protective radiation chamber you, said “if you went in the room when it was switched on, you’d burn directly.”

The aim of the experiment is to come up with the optimal setup for concentrating natural sunlight to power a reaction to produce hydrogen fuel, which could be used as a fuel source for aeroplane’s and cars.

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