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[Interview]–There are, perhaps, many reasons people go to school. Some of these include learning, passing exams to go through to the next stage in life, or maybe because their parents are just rich enough to send them to one.

A new start-up LLH, the creators of GENIUSES are out to bring fun to everything school again. The ed-tech start-up had a scintillating launch in Lagos on March 4th, 2017 where they unveiled their newest android app GENIUSES Social Learning App. The event was attended by several secondary schools in Lagos who added colour to the event and kicked off as the first set of users for the mobile application.

THE PAGE caught up with Habeeb Kolade, Head of Marketing at LLH, on a calm Thursday afternoon. Dressed in his trademark smile and clinging to a bottle of soda, he was happy to talk to us. We asked what LLH is trying to achieve:

“We believe schools can be more enjoyable, and less draconian on the freedom of students to be who they want to be. We are more than just our app, we want to change the way people learn. We think learning can be more fun and schools can do more to help students achieve their dreams. We believe school should be more than just passing exams and must be more reliable to convene excellent learning experiences.’’

“There are several ways we think schools can become more effective, not only for the benefit of the students but that of the teachers, parents and school administrators as well. Technology has proven to be a good tool in ensuring humans have processes that are more efficient. We want to use technology to improve the way people learn in Africa. We want to use technology to increase the access to quality education. We want to build a community where learning is exciting and rewarding. We believe that students are more innovative and can participate in community building when they are giving more freedom to exercise their skills.’’

Goes without saying, education is an important tool in societal development. A lot has been said about education in Africa and the need for a radical change in the past few years especially to meet the new demands of a growing African population in search of solutions to its many problems.

Habeeb Kolade, CMO, LLH

We asked Habeeb Kolade how the new app, GENIUSES will help LLH to achieve its goal.

‘’GENIUSES Social Learning App allows students learn from great content and collaborate with their friends and colleagues on everything relating to learning. We are like Facebook for learning. We think that collaboration is an important part of learning, so we are creating a space where students, teachers, content creators and so on can work together conveniently, thus opening up more opportunities for students to learn in a fun and exciting way. We are building all these into an app as we believe that more and more people will have access to mobile phones, and those that do not have, will eventually buy because they want to use GENIUSES.

LLH (www.llh.company) founded in 2013 was started by former University of Ibadan students, and Mechanical Engineering graduate, Cyrus Majebi, leads the team. LLH stands for Live-Learn-Have Fun. We asked him why the company chose education in the first place.

“We think that we must take education very seriously if we want to move forward as a society. Improving education is important for societal and economic growth. People would be better equipped for the future world of work if they have access to quality education. Having a work force that is more educated, more exposed and more innovative will not only create a giant leap for the African community, it will foster a more peaceful society. We also think that we need to move from providing mass education and focus on quality education, especially the equalisation of the quality of education between the so-called ‘elite’ private schools and public schools. As a pWc report recently supported, we understand that job opportunities and wages differ strongly as a function of the schools people attend. We want to flatten the learning curve and make quality of education more accessible to more people. We have thus chosen to start from secondary schools because we understand that getting it right from the start is a step in the right direction. I hope that subsequently, we can expand our solutions up and down the education spectrum.”

What is the next step for GENIUSES going forward from the launch?

‘The launch was like our first day at the office. We had our first 100 users that day and immediately, had to start providing great consumer experience. So far, it has been enlightening. You are never too prepared for this stage. We are learning every day especially from the activities of our users on how to create a better learning community.

“Moving forward, we would be adding some new features to the current app while also improving the user experience. Then we would developed an iOS version of the app so that iPhone users can join our community. We would also build a Teacher’s App that can help teachers work easily with students from anywhere. Overall, we are making the mobile phone a more powerful educational device, connecting people to improve learning experiences and providing greater access to quality education and subsequently fostering innovation.

“Maybe soon enough, parents will buy phones for their wards because they now recognize that such devices will actually help their students become better individuals especially with access to awesome communities like ours.”  

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