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[US]–President Donald Trump’s own party, the Republican Party, has failed to deliver on its promise to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act enacted by former leader, President Barrack Obama.

This occurred following the decision of the Republicans in the US House of Representatives to withdraw the healthcare bill drafted to counter the”Obamacare” act, a bill which was at the crux of Trump’s campaign promises.

This serves as a major blow to Trump who has had an objectively rough start, with his travel ban repeatedly getting opposition.

His campaign plans have already begun to fail as one step after seems to fall through.

While speaking with reporters at the Oval Office on Friday, Trump said, “we were very close” and proceeded to blame  thee opposition party – the Democrats – for the failure of the legislation despite the fact that the Republican Party has the monopoly of both the House and the Senate.

According to Paul D Ryan, the Speaker of the House, Obamacare will likely stay in place for the foreseeable future.

Pulling the Republican bill was “a setback, no two ways about it,” he said, lebelling it a “disappointing day”.

However, the Democrats are rejoicing over the “victory for the American people.”

The bill was withdrawn after lengthy negotiations among conservatives, moderates and others within Trump’s Republican Party ended without a deal.

Bill Schneider, a professor of public policy, weighed in, noting that Trump’s first 100 days are typically his peak in terms of presidential impacts go.

“Here, the president was handed a huge setback, by his own party, which was also committed to repealing Obamacare,” he told reporters on Friday.

“Trump is defeated and he learned something: you cannot deal with members of Congress as if they were building contractors…He said if you don’t give me what I want, I’ll walk out. Maybe that works with building contractors but it doesn’t work with politicians, each of whom has his or her own constituency.”

“What happened on the floor is a victory for the American people,” Nancy Pelosi, leader of the minority Democrats in the House, said.

It is still unknown which direction Trump and his camp will come from again in the quest to do away with Obamacare.

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