Street Report: My bitter experience with the Nigerian Police Force

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[Street Report]–On the morning of Thursday, March 30, l lost items worth over 600k to armed robbers on my way to the office. Specifically ,  my office laptop, my Atm card (with which the robbers withdrew 150k from my account) and my mobile phone, which I’d just replaced two weeks ago after a theft incidence at that time.

After I was released by the robbers, I rushed to the nearest police station, Maroko Police Station at lekki to report the lost items with the view of getting a police report.

To my surprise,  the first police station I went to were too busy to attend to me because they were attending a lecture. In fact, I was told to come back 4 hours later to report the case. Angrily, I left for another police station. Those ones requested that I get an affidavit before I can be attended to.

I was so glad, thinking my story will end there.  After getting an affidavit at high price from the High Court,at around Obalande,  I proceeded to the nearest police station to present the document and my experience. Guess what the officer in charge said: “Young man, you will have to pay 5000 to get a police report”.

I appealed to the officer that it was important for me to get the document, so I can make necessary filings, and the fact that I was short on cash. The officer cruelly responded that I should go back to the court to get a police report if I’m not willing to pay. Exasperated and disappointed, I said thank you and left.

On to the next station, at Obalende Police Station, I hurried. This time, I was hoping for a better outcome, hoping that I will receive some compassion from our police force. It was all the same story, they were requesting for exorbitant fees to get me a report. At last, I conceded and agreed to pay about 1,500 naira after a combination of prolonged haggling and begging. When I eventually got the report, nothing in it indicated the ordeal I’d just gone through.

Not a single sentence mentioned that I was robbed! It was almost as if the report was copied and pasted from a ready-made template. How abysmal can our police force get?! The Nigerian Police is a joke. I just hope the future of this country is bright given the structural issues we are confronted with. I’m tired of writing. It’s been a horrendous day. As for the name of the officers,  I was so distressed to observe cos I was strangled by the robbers and too tired to notice that.

Rasak, Lagos
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