Why Logan is the worst X-men film of all-time

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  • The movie is like a carnival gone wrong

[Analyses]–When “Apocalypse” came last year, the general consensus was clear: the movie was a let-down by all standards. Its predictable plot and inconsistent characterization were flaws which crippled the heavily-anticipated film.

However, no one expected the disaster that was “Logan”. In an era where comic book movies have become so popular, the commercial success of the movie does not in any way hint at any brilliance in quality.

To start with, “Logan” is set in 2029, about 12 years from our present time. It is very easy to have missed that, considering the fact that nothing truly points at it – no advancement in technology, no noteworthy historical event or anything that could ground the viewer in the feeling of being in the future.

The decision to make the movie X-rated is one of the worst ideas possible. Instead of heightening the humour of the dialogue and intensity of the story, it just made the “Logan” movie look so out of place. A bridesmaid randomly flashing her nipples, Charles Xavier cursing repeatedly and the graphic severing of heads by Laura did nothing to give the story depth or any particularly meaningful effect. It rather exposed a desperate attempt to imitate “Deadpool”. But while Deadpool’s X-rated nature was consistent with the character, and the gruesome action scenes all worked together to create a distinct film, in the case of Logan, it all just seemed like a carnival gone wrong.

The plot could have saved the movie, if it was not so generic. There is a young girl who can fight just like Wolverine. She has his powers and we later find out that…surprise! (she is actually his daughter). Despite the fact that she is definitely much stronger and more agile than Logan, she somehow needs him to protect her from people she can so easily kill. So, together with Professor X, they go on a road trip to escape the bad guys. On the road, they meet a family and despite knowing that there are scores of trained bad guys coming after them, they think it is good idea to lodge with the innocent family and put them at risk. Of course, the entire family gets maimed. Then in the end, Wolverine and Professor X die and the girl survives. Such a brilliant story, no?

“Logan” tries so hard to transcend the common superhero genre stereotype but in the process, only delivers a laughably unfocused movie. At a point, it seems like a Western wannabe, at another point, it aims to be a dystopia and weirdly enough, it tried hard to put in some subtle political references which were just cringe-worthy. This movie only proves that “different” does not necessarily mean “better”.

Hugh Jackman gave an incredible performance in this last outing of his as the clawed man-beast but Lord knows everything else about the movie is bound to make you ask, “What the heck was the director thinking/drinking?”

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  1. Adebayo Olatunbosun

    April 1, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    The fact that you are blind to the genius in that movie makes me doubt every piece of article you’ve ever written

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