School sucks…and other reasons no one takes education seriously anymore [2]

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[Analyses]–Due to the obvious fact that this disillusionment with formal education is a nefarious situation which further drowns the society in the waters of doom, it is important to discuss the way out. It would result in a romance with foolishness to list out problems and point accusatory fingers without proffering solutions.

Chief among all is the overhaul, or at least a modification, of the educational system. A new system engendered by a more empirical approach to the academic process. If academia continues to exist in a vacuum, it will lose the already-restless interest of the students. In an era where non-academic pursuits have become the order of the day, it has become indispensable to ensure academia retakes its throne as the youth’s major priority. Many students complain that they are being fed abstract theories which they cannot merge with the concreteness of experiential reality. A youth who is frustrated with an educational system he perceives to be restricted to the boundaries of etherealness is highly likely to be lured away by the candy-coated appeal of the streets.

More so, the government needs to create a sustainable avenue for the creation of more jobs. The expansion of our capitalist markets will create more corporate jobs. This will serve as an incentive, a cadenza of light at the end of the tunnel. After years of devouring knowledge from books and burying it with sweats of labour, it would be encouraging to know that a wider job market is going to be available for the youths. They need to be compensated for their hard work. Nowadays, frustration is a blade that cuts through the veins of the youths’ resilience and drains them of all their blood, weakening their resolve to forge on in the lane of formal education. When the government frees up the market by making it more open, there is a larger chance for the creation of jobs and that will reduce the rate of unemployment.

The sensitization of the youths on the need for the return to the age of prioritizing education is of utmost importance here. The waves of popular culture which have crashed into their consciousness, through the radio and television, must be put in check. This is not an advocacy for a censorship board, though that is not exactly the worst thing. However, the power of the media is a tool which is available to all. An orientation can be propagated, through a new philosophy of glamourising formal education. Radio programmes, campaigns and media broadcasts aimed at reigniting the fire of thirst for the wines of intellectual development must be brought up. The best way to corrupt a youth is through the mind. Likewise, the best way to reform a youth is through the mind.

Conclusively, the major reason why the street is taking over is not far-fetched. Many factors contribute to this decadence. They are, as already emphasised, the over-marginalisation of the academia, the problem of unemployment, the influence of pop culture and the structure of the formal educational system among others.

It should be understood that education is not to be ignored. “The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.” I did not say those words. Aristotle did. But this is what I do say: the hope for a nation’s development lies in the youths and the hope for a youth’s development lies in education. Therefore, a society is only as great as its educational system.

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