Again?! Trump’s approval rating sinks further

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[U.S]–President Donald Trump’s approval ratings fell even further to a record low – 35 percent on Tuesday.

Conducted by Quinnipiac University the new poll shows a slight but still dramatic drop from the last national polls, released on March 22, which revealed his approval to be at 37%.

He has now fallen far below President Barrack Obama’s all-time lowest of 38% in 2013.

52% of the voters claimed they were ashamed of Trump being their president.

In a qualitative assessment of the president’s actions thus far, the following comments were reported by Time Magazine:

“He is not honest”
“He does not have good leadership skills”
“He does not care about average Americans”
“He is not level-headed”
“He does not share their values”

In a statement,Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll said, “President Donald Trump continues to struggle, even among his most loyal supporters. Many of them would be hard pressed to see even a silver lining in this troubling downward spiral.”

The low ratings have been said to be as a result of Trump’s administrative handling of the following matters: the environment, the economy, foreign policy, terrorism and immigration issues.

According to the report, only 28% of Americans approved of his failed Obamacare repeal plan.

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