Breakfast with a Bandito! by Odolaye Aremu

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[Analysis]–One thing is slowly, but surely returning to Nigeria, the world capital of brazen thievery. In the ancient days, Ibadan proudly held that distinction. Now back to the issue at hand. Fear of retribution is making a gentle foray back into our collective consciousness.

Whether it’s the fear of an Otobo spilling the beans on the double life of an Apostle Suleman, or the fear that an FRSC Barber could lose his job if he were to be caught ‘shaving’ women in public, in uniform and literally on camera, or the fear of a Looter running away to leave his loot behind! Or who in the world would have thought this possible just two years ago- that one of us would forfeit the claim to his/her piles of loot, and grudgingly, yet painfully walk away from it?! Anyhow we see it, Fear is Fear! And fear is wicked!

I think the fight against corruption ought to be rebranded. Let’s start with a name change. Maybe if it’s renamed to something like…hmmm…hmmm something like:

“BREAKFAST WITH A BANDITO,” how about that?! The Government might have better outcome. Of course the shame of being branded a Looter is cutting somewhat deeper and possibly quite unnerving. And the fear of the notoriety invited upon unwarranted family members, perhaps a bit too damning! In Naija we kukuma love everything exotic, seemingly fresh and untested. Let’s talk it through, over breakfast while Magu, or the EFCC pick up the tab and let them go to jail simply as: Banditos!

Or what do you all think?

Odolaye Saburi Aremu is a social observer, commentator and an oddball with a usually, unusually perspective on social issues. He’s a retired baby boomer, presently residing at Fiditi, Afijio LGA Oyo State.

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