A whistle blowing note to myself by Odolaye Aremu

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[Analyses]–…in the epidemic of the noises and the virulent rattlings of the pronouncedly annonying, catchy phrase- ‘whistleblowing,’ or ‘the whistleblower’ is completely lost in the memory of the original, Nigerian Patron Saint of that once patriotic act.

Dele Giwa- the original Nigerian Whistleblower who was blown away to smithereens via an urgent letter bomb from some ‘President’ 32 years ago, together with his ‘whistle’ still lay dead and nearly forgotten with nothing of dignified value, anywhere in place to memorialize his name. At least for the purpose of revision, there’s still a Pulitzer!

In Naija, we seem to have an imbecilic way of chewing hard on anything of substance or otherwise; including rubber, or stone, or even gold till such item loses form, credence and, or value. And then we spit it out uncaringly after it gets completely worn! Respectfully, it seems we do have that notorious PICA mentality!

Any stranger with the shallowest sense of discernment would have erroneously concluded that this sudden ridiculous marriage of the “Whistle” and its “Blower” in the Naija context- is the holiest of unions with the needless recourse to even enunciate fidelity!

Alas it is a marriage of convenience; a self-serving union, or a tryst of a threesome nature between the Looter, the Finder and the Prospector!

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