The Yoruba nation is under attack! by Odolaye Aremu

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[Analyses]–It is flimsy, impulsive talks like that above, that reveals the ridiculously finite mindset that’s eternally coupled to superstitious beliefs, unfounded conspiratorial theories and dog whistle politics we abundantly see all around us lately! An uneducated thought like this, does a problem, and its solution no good but serious, serious harm! Or how can one truly address fever when the body presents no excessive body heat?

Or what’s our collective expectation of a technically wealthy nation like ours unbelievably lacking infrastructural structures and other social amenities?

Yes close to 5 prominent Yoruba sons have died in about a week! On that aggregate alone, we can assume a ratio of hundreds or maybe thousands of the unsung died about same period too!

What does that high number say about the state of our Healthcare system? A whole lot! It is non-existent! Yet we are the Owambe headquarter of this world. We are some of the most progressive people in Africa. Rich in kind and stupendously deep in culture. How many hospitals…or functioning healthcare facilities are there in the entire SW?

We have regressed dangerously close to the precolonial era! We’ve stopped thinking! All we do nowadays is eat Àsun, drink Alomo bitters, talk recklessly; praise Adeboye, praise Tinubu, praise Oyedepo, go to Mecca, Fuck and spin tales that look like they must have been inspired by the Twilight Zone. Our brains have stopped connecting! We’ve become pedestrian in the area of critical thinking and completely numb towards the simple ideology of pragmatism!

And someone who couldn’t handle his own emotional intoxication dare says the ‘Yoruba nation is under attack?’ Well we’ve been under that idiotic attack since Chief Bode Thomas allegedly “barked” like a rabid dog to his death, or since Awolowo was sighted in that fiery moon straddled over Akintola, if you ask me!


Odolaye Saburi Aremu is a social observer, commentator and an oddball with a usually, unusually perspective on social issues. He’s a retired baby boomer, presently residing at Fiditi, Afijio LGA Oyo State.

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