“It’s not worth it to lose the life of one more Biafran” — Ohanaeze Chieftain

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[Interview]–An Ohanaeze Chieftain, a former President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and Presidential Liaison Officer, PLO, and the deputy Chairman of the Elders’ Supreme Council of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Dr Dozie Ikedife has warned that it is not worth it to lose the life of one more Biafran over the fight for self determination.

He made this warning in an interview with Vanguard.

According to him, “It is not worth it to lose the life of one more Biafran in the process or pursuit of self-determination.

“Enough lives have been lost.

“No more question of fighting a war with Ogbunigwe or rocket launcher or bombing or air strike. No.
“It is now a question of going to the courts and pursuing diplomatic channels.

That is what the Supreme Council of Elders of IPOB believes in and that is what they are pursuing,” he added.

On whether he supports restructuring, he responded “Is there anybody who does not support restructuring? Except some people who are enjoying the inequality and unjust system! Of course, there is need for restructuring. It is not a question of if I believe. Anybody who is fair-minded must believe in it. Anybody who does not believe in restructuring is not fair minded.

“Let me give you an illustration. Kano State has a population comparable with Lagos State but Kano alone has 44 local government areas recognized by the Federal Government, while Lagos has only 20 or 22 local government areas recognized by the Federal Government. Local governments are the bodies through which allocations are sent to various states… Now, when 20 or 22 LGAs receive allocation for Lagos and 44 receive for Kano that has comparable population with Lagos, is it fair?

Then even nearer home, incidentally, both Kano and Jigawa state which was recently carved out from Kano have about 70 local government areas put together, while the five states of South East have just about 90 something local government areas with each receiving federal allocation. Is it fair? The answer is no. Lagos State has a population of about 20 million, Osun state has a population of about five million. Osun has 33 local government areas and Lagos has only 20 and they receive allocations through these local governments as those recognized by the Federal Government. Is it fair? Lagos wanted to create more local governments to 52 but the Federal Government refused and withheld its allocations. Lagos now said okay, don’t call them local governments but development areas and they are still using the system to administer Lagos state, even though they still receive allocation based on the number of local governments recognized by the Federal Government, as opposed to Osun that receives 33 units, and Kano that receives 44 units. Is that fair?” He queried.

“Even at geo-political zones, which is another way of receiving allocations and dispensing patronages, North West has seven states, South East has five, while all the other zones have six each. Does that show fairness or equity? Can it ever represent equity? The answer is no,” he submitted.

On whether Ndigbo will survive if they secede, he was very optimistic:

“Yes of course. If Ndigbo secede, they can manage themselves properly and survive. Take a look at the map of Africa; at least 13 newly created countries are surviving. The population of Taiwan is about seven million and they are doing very well to the extent they now have strong economic power in the world even though China is still trying to colonize them.

“Therefore, any situation we find ourselves, we can survive it. Other countries in existence are not as big as Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Abia or Anambra states, yet they are surviving. There is oil in the field and there is gas in Biafra land and the people are geniuses. They will certainly survive. They are technically very clever. There is no country or continent in the world where you cannot see somebody from Biafra land.”

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