KAVWIN, first Nigerian e-commerce to declare acceptance for cryptocurrencies

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[Lagos]–An e-commerce firm, KAVWIN Nigeria Limited has declared its readiness to accept crypto currencies such as Bit coins, TBC as medium of payment for goods services.

According to the Managing Director of KAVWIN Nigeria Limited, Dayo Okewole said, “The Company is Nigerian’s first e-commerce company accepting crypto currencies such as Bit coins, TBC as medium of payment. Like any other e commerce company, you can shop on our website, paying with the Crypto currencies”.

He stated further, “Crypto currencies are decentralized currencies that are presently making transfer of money easier globally. There are countries of the world like Japan that have legalized as there national legal tender. In countries like United States, you can spend your TBC in different shops, there is ATM around the world where you can cash in or cash out Bit coin.”

“Right now Nigeria banking community are working to see modalities were Cryptocurrencies can be acceptable in Nigeria”.Okewole said, the masses stand to gain a lot buy accepting Cryptocurrency because of the easy transfer of funds, easy purchase of items and catching up with global world. With Cryptocurrency, you can make purchases anywhere in the world in instantly.

“Cryptocurrencies has wallets and those wallets are mobile wallets, they are Internet baths, they are not actually tangible. They are virtual wallet that you can use to do your transactions. Cryptocurrencies help us to capture with trendy events with the tech world globally. Catching up with trendy events is very important for Nigerians”.

“In other part of the world, lot of things are done with bit coins, for Nigerians not to be left behind, we have come up with this opportunity so that Nigerians can catch up with trendy events” he added.

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