Don, Actor advocate for the return of resident professional theatre companies in Nigerian varsities

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[Osun]–The Dean, Faculty of Art, Federal University of Oye-Ekiti,  Prof. Rasak Bakare and a popular Nollywood actor, Dele Odule has recommended residential professional theater groups in Nigerian vasities.

The don made this known while delivering a lecture at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in the 1st memorial lecture to immortalize a proficient actor and lecturer of Theater Art,  Laide Adewale after a decade of his demise.

Prof. Bakare lectured on “University Based Theater Companies In Nigeria: The glorious past, the present lull and the future we can birth”.

He said “Every department of  Theater and Dramatic Art in Universities should have a resident professional theater company”

“The resident theater company will do for those department what a Teaching Hospital does for College of Medicine. The resident theatre is like a laboratory and clinic where the student in the various theatre departments go to run their practicals.”

“The experience of Ori-Olokun theater that today know as Awo varsity theater, defunct Ife acting company, defunct of professional Ahmadu Bello University theater troop and UCPC of Calabar which is still existing are all desirable that we should have this kind troops in varsities and they must be well serviced”

“What lead to the demise of some of this  troop that once existed is the area of management and a brilliant academic person won’t leave his area to be chasing money and many other thing so this professional theater troop or company should be sort from outside the academic world and not be full employee of university but should be engaged on retainership so that they will come from outside and run as a business venture.”

“This will help the company to survive and help different varsities to have a better graduates of theatre and performing art.”

Also a popular nollywood actor, Dele Odule expressed his heart on the impact Late Laide had made in theater industry.

Odule said “I’m happy about the program because it is a good way to remember those who had contributed immensely to theater industry which Uncle Laide had did”

“There is need for universities to sustain the movie industry through the theater companies in various varsity so that it will influence those who are not privileged to go to school”

“For seasonal films that is so phenomenal now is just a way of celebrating mediocre and the best way to raise our standard against this is to put more values in the theater company to promote culture and norms,” he said.

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