Àsejù: The Reckless Bicycle Nap! by Odolaye Aremu

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[Analyses]–…I shall partially recuse myself from the confusing issue of Oduduwa’s first born presumably showing courtesy to the last, last, last, last, last born of Christ.

Vacating one’s seat for someone in Yorubaland, is perhaps the highest form of personal regard one can ever give unto any other!

Therefore when an Oba seemingly ‘vacates’ his throne in a public show of respect for someone, then that’s something else!

I think our Oba is trying too hard. I think he could still have shown his respect for the last, last, last born of Christ without overreaching, or making his show of feigned humility a bit too obvious!

I am beginning to think I probably owe Olugbo of Igbo a huge bundle of apology! Perhaps I owe Eleko one too… even if given grudgingly! As for me, that throne, or that high Chair is symbolic, regal and powerful to me as Muni my wife can ever be. Therefore I can never, ever vacate my throne, my bed, my Muni to either Muhammed, or Jesu Kristi even for a damn one minute photo-op! And both Muhammed and Jesu would most certainly understand! Or was it not Christ himself that commanded us to ‘render unto Caeser…’


That throne, that Palace, the Ifeland itself and her confounding 16 deities are automatically mine without sitting in it, or make any attempt to reside in the palace. As a Yorubaman, I want to be able to exude the same pride the English man would over Buckingham or the Queen. The Ooni is supposedly second to none, no one, any subject ought to be an inch taller or above him. Sebi Igbakeji Orisa laa peee? In the light of the overwhelming evidence of the Chair, the Throne and the King, I hope our Alayeluwa shall deem it fit to change the unpalatable optics that- seemingly could make a King look ‘smaller’ or lopsided in the presence of any of his subjects- even when such subject is an MOG!

*by the special grace of God I am good for the blowback, the insults and whatever from rabid dissenters! If the King had flatly prostrated for the ‘MOG’ I probably wouldn’t have been bothered, after all he is a ‘FATHER IN THE LORD!’*

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