Be Thy Brother’s Keeper! by Odolaye Aremu

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[Analyses]–For peace of mind and to fulfill all righteousness, I cannot in clear conscience begrudge a man for going against the grain to try to ascertain the ‘true’ paternity of his kids.

For in reality, before the DNA results come back, any man would have died a thousand times already! A sorry reminder of the primitive HIV testing of the 1990s! I sweated buckets daily, I lost weight and by the full month it took for the result to come back- I was fully convinced I had it!


But brethren, I must tell y’all, if y’all don’t already know; that our women are not stepping out with Aliens, neither are they slobbering over the mystical Kondos of Angels, or Demons! They are getting shagged to the Tips and the Nines by men like me, you and that ‘rough-packing’ dude doing neat cartwheels with his ‘thing’ right over there! After all, we’ve had more than our own fair share of Nymphs, Sirens and Succubi- and those suckers have juicy ‘watering holes’ too! Oh damn!

Every man ought to have that record by Johnny Taylor in their music collection: “Who’s Making Love.” Play it and receive some freaking sense!

In the meantime bro, man up, raise those kids to your specification! Don’t leave them to their devices, hence they turn out like MC Oluomo or Koko Zaria, for someone across town might just be mentoring yours just as great! Stop whining and be thy goddamn BROTHER’S KEEPER!

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