June 12: civil right group calls for vigilance on existence of democracy

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[Osun]–A Civil Right Group in Osun, Osun June 12 Movement has called for vigilance for existence of democracy in Nigeria

The civil right group partnered with Oni center to mark the 24th year of annulled result election that  Late Kasimawo Abiola won.

The Director of Oni center, Comrade Wale Adebisi while giving a lecture on the lessons and gains of June 12 election, said, this year’s commemoration offers all lovers of democracy in our land  a golden opportunity to  reflect deeply on the state of the country with particular focus on the clear danger to our democratic  existence  as well as peaceful and progressive co-existence.

According to him, We must remember that the historical  significance of June 12 we are commemorating today lies in the Power of citizen’s action which was demonstrated on that day by voters across the country who trooped out en masse to the polling booths to end military dictatorship.

Comrade Wale also said that the election of June 12, 1993 gave Nigerians the political power and courage to reject military dictatorship.

He said “We have in recent times  been hearing of rumours  of dark plots by certain anti -democratic forces against a dispensation that many advocates of genuine democracy correctly view as  more civil than Democratic in content and practice.

Comrade Wale hereby stressed it that, citizens of Nigeria at home and abroad to put on our thinking caps and begin to act as subjects of history rather than objects who are always  at the receiving end of a manipulating ruling elite.

“It is therefore our historic duty to scrupulously and jealously guard it against any and all conspiratorial  schemers that may  want  to drag Us back to a  barbarous past,” he said.

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