10 days to go for submissions in the Atelewo, a Yoruba literary anthology

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[Atelewo]–If you have not submitted, it is just ten days to go for you to feature in the Atelewo, A Yoruba literary anthology.

The anthology will be produced by Egbe Atelewo, a Yoruba cultural group dedicated to reviving and re-positioning the Yoruba culture.

The group has as its missions, to provide a platform where students and young people can get engaged with the dynamics of the Yoruba culture through competitions, lectures, dialogues and regular meetups; to provide a platform for the documentation and preservation of Yoruba ancient knowledge and culture; and to rekindle people’s interest in Yoruba literature by organising readings, making Yoruba literature available for purchase and publishing new voices in Yoruba Language.

According to a post on the group’s Facebook page, Atelewo Pelebe is one of the activities of the group to further the attainment of their objectives.

The anthology will be a compilation of thoughts including prose, poetry, histories, articles and pictures depicting Yoruba cultures and values and expressed in Yoruba language or in combination with the English language.

In a chat with Rasaq Malik, one of the leaders of the group, he said, “Yoruba cultures and traditions embody diverse interesting ideas and insights. I have learnt many things through interacting with people in Yoruba, reading Yoruba texts and writing poetry in Yoruba.

“Unfortunately, the number of Yoruba enthusiasts is discouraging. At homes, parents no longer fancy the use of Yoruba language to interact with their children. I remember when I was growing up, in Iseyin, my mother used to recite Yoruba prose works to us. She used to sing Yoruba songs for us. We loved everything. We learnt how to live and breathe. It was a wonderful experience and this is what we are trying to recreate at Atelewo,” he explained.

He also pleaded that people take out time to send in their submissions as it is just ten days to the deadline and the number of submissions gotten so far have not been encouraging.

He said, “The anthology is our first project. And we have called for people to send in submissions written in Yoruba Language or in both Yoruba and English language. Thoughts are very important and language is the medium through which we express them. If we want to save our race, we have to re-establish control over our language, and that is what we are encouraging people to do. So far, we have not had enough submissions in terms of quantity but I must confess that the quality of the few ones we’ve had really surpassed our expectation.

“If you are Yoruba as I am, and you can write, try to put your pen to paper and send in something. This effort may seem insignificant but it will definitely go a long way in ensuring the preservation of our culture,” he added.

The full guidelines for submission in the anthology can be seen here.

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