CRS controversy: Christians should back politicians with their knees,thumb – Living Faith Church Pastor

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[Osun]–The State Pastor of Living Faith Church A.K.A Winners Chapel, Osun-State chapter, Pst Dapo Olumuyiwa has urged Christians to participate in voting exercise in the country with prayer to end frustrating policies in governance.

Pst Dapo said this during the sermon to  the congregation on Sunday in Osogbo.

He admonished the congregation to go out en masse to register for Permanent Voters Card as the exercise is still on.

He said “If Christian Religion Study is scrapped in Nigeria, the country will not stand because it will lead to turbulence and instability.

“We must be treated equally. Let us wake up, our religion is our destiny. You mean our children can not call on our God in the same land?.

“Go and register for PVC, you don’t have to be a member of political party before you register and if God is leading you to be a party man go ahead. Let us stop being docile.

“Don’t let anybody play God over another, cast your vote and satisfy your conscience. Let us be on the goal, let us support our country with our knees in prayer and enact our decision by thumb.

“Election is coming, go and register. If the politician are doing their own let we the Jesustician back them with vote as our duty in the country.

“It has been believed that politic is not meant for the people that have fear of God which made us(Christian) to back away from it.

“In the years back, Christians and Muslims, there is so much love between us and there is no discrimination but things have change, some agents of devil wants to create a gulf between us and this must not be permitted.

“If you conquer people’s religion you conquer the entire generation. We are stakeholder in this country we must never be sideline that is why you must go out and register for PVC no matter how many hours you will wait and stand to register. You must defend Nigeria which is the city of God by your vote and not to murmur that policies are affecting you.

“It is time for us to wake up and not be idle in political affairs as a Christian before things get worse else posterity will tell on us.

“It is rubbish and unfounded deception to demonize politics, there is nothing wrong in it. The problem is the personality which is the reason for us as a church to embrace politics and vote for our choice. I urge you to go and register for Permanent Voter’s Card as the registration is on, tell other Christians around you to do so in other for us to advocate for good governance with our vote in this nation,” he added.

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