If anything happens to any student, the blood will be on the SU and the Management –UCJUI

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  • As students’ leaders insist on locking down the University on Monday in an #OccupyUIJuly protest

[Ibadan]–The Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ibadan has warned that if anything happens to any student as a result of the possible clash between the University management and the suspended Students’ Union, that the blood would be on both.

This warning was contained in a press release signed by the President, Mr. Arowosafe Samuel and the General Secretary, Mr. Elegbede Austine on Wednesday.

According to the release, it is obvious that both University management led by Professor Idowu Olayinka and the suspended Students’ Union led by Ojo Aderemi are on an ego war and that it will be in the best interest of everybody if both parties can embrace dialogue.

“As it seems now, using the same old approach which has yielded no result on the part of the students but which has been beneficial to the school management should not be an option for the driver of the Patriotic intelligentsia. No; closing down the school and even going a step ahead as to engage the services of allies should not be even mentioned or thought of amongst you at this period. You can bet that, if the shut down attempt by the students should be successful, it would literally lead to the closure of the school again and this time, for a longer period of which the whole essence of the struggle initially would have been defeated. Also, considering the fact that, it is because Ojo is still a student of the University of Ibadan and a student leader that he can still approach feeble  like mind authorities and they will give him listening ears as well as offer only verbal support; what if his next action might warrant the school management of stripping him of his studentship?

“It should be noted that that the actions and inactions of our students union leaders as well as students in  few days will either give credence to whatever actions the school management might want to take and which should ordinarily spark outrage from the crème de la crème of the society. In other words, do not play into the hands of the school again.  Who says the battle cannot be won even when the school is in session. Do not be carried away with the support that students are giving you when in actual fact; they are fighting for more time to read for exams as the exam date caught most people unawares.

“However, it is not to say that the school management are saints who need not atone for their sins. Infact, it will not be out of place to say they are untruthful and they are a scam if we are to go by the statements as well as moves of the school since the war started. Initially, the Vice-Chancellor promised that the I.D would be ready by middle of July before the protest started and then coming back to rescind his statement that, the production of  the I.D card would take three months. His statements thus far defy logic of reasoning. Does it mean past Vice-Chancellors circumventing the due process and are not thorough while trying to issue I.D cards as at when due? Why does the school have to wait to the point of when students started agitating for I.D cards before they started making moves? If the school management are truly sincere and honest in their dealings as regards students welfarism, why channel lots of resources that could hitherto have solved some of the lingering issues to irrelevant areas?

“It is also important to reiterate at this point that if anything should happen to any student, the blood will be on the management and the Students Union both of which are obviously in an ego war. Little or nothing can be achieved with the totalitarian stance of the University senate. Just like a Yoruba adage, that if a child is behaving like a child, an elder should behave like an elder. If the child has refused to call for dialogue, what is stopping the elders? We implore the management to imbibe the golden rule from the scriptural injunction which says Do Unto Others as You Would Have them Do Unto You,” it added.

Recall that the suspended Students’ Union President, Mr. Ojo Aderemi had said on June 23 in a release signed by the suspended executive committee of the Union that without the reinstatement of the Union students will not write the examination scheduled to begin on July 4.

Also, in the meeting convened by the suspended Students’ Union President held on Monday, June 26 at the NLC Secretariat, Agodi-Gate, Ibadan, to seal his earlier declaration of “No Union, No Exams”, it was also agreed that there will be mobilisation of the students and other students’ association and Labour Unions to lock down the school gate and there is a growing fear amongst the management officials and the students alike that the protest may be violent.

Meanwhile, the suspended Students’ Union has fixed July 29 for another meeting at the NLC Secretariat where the Suspended Students’ Union President, Mr. Ojo Aderemi is expected to address the press and declare the #OccupyUIJuly protest.

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