Nigeria Law School give reasons for expelling UI alumnus

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[Abuja] The Nigeria Law School in Abuja has given an account of the incidents that led to the ejection of Mr. Kayode Bello (Kay Bello) from the school.

The account was made known through a Press Release signed by Mr. Chinedu Ukekwe, the Head 0f Information & Protocol for the Headquarters of the school.

According to the release, Mr. Kayode Bello applied for admission to the Nigerian Law School in July, 2012 but was denied until October 2016 as a result of a report from his University which claimed that he disrupted the peace and tranquility of the University Campus during his days.

The report has it that in March 2017, Kay Bello had an altercation with a female colleague over a preferred seat in the venue of lecture. “The report from his colleagues was that a female student left the hall to visit the toilet. In her absence, Mr. Bello left his seat at the rear of the hall and took the seat of the absent student. All entreaties of the Auditorium Marshall, the Chairman of the Students Representative Council (S.R.C.) and other students fell on deaf ears. It was further reported that Mr. Bello nearly went into a scuffle with the female student on her return from the rest room.”, the statement reads.

It was stated that Kay Bello was queried after which he went on a solo protest and later petitioned the “Head, Control Room, addressed to the Secretary to the Council of Legal Education and Director of Administration, which he circulated to the whole world, including the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Amnesty International.”

According to the statement, this account for one of the reasons which made the Students Representative Council issue a disclaimer of his actions which was addressed to the Head of Academics on March 21, 2017.

It was mentioned that “considering his estranged relationship with his colleagues; and to avoid any break down of law and peaceful co-existence, a letter of advise was written to him to vacate the Hostel in his interest. Mr. Bello however refused to accept the letter.” Instead, the statement allege that Kay Bello went to the Bwari Divisional Police Station to lay a complaint of criminal intimidation against the management of the Nigerian Law School, seeking the arrest of all the officers and urging the Police to invite the Chairman, Council of Legal Education for interrogation.

In lieu of this, Kay Bello along with the female student he had an altercation with, the Chairman of the Students Representative Council and the Auditorium Marshall, was invited to appear before the Students Misconduct Committee, for various infractions of the Students Code of Conduct. But Kay Bello neither acknowledged the receipt of the invitation nor appeared before the Committee.

The committee therefore recommended his expulsion from the Nigerian Law School, and the report of the Committee was considered by the Council of Legal Education at its meeting of July 11, 2017, which approved the recommendations accordingly.

The statement also responds to the allegation by Kay Bello that the Law School does not have enough facilities despite the amount paid by students. The statement reads, “it is worthy of note that the Main Hall of the Nigerian Law School in the Bwari, Abuja has more than enough seats for all registered students. The position is the same in the other Campuses of Nigerian Law School”.

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