Nigeria’s future and the road to 1966

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By: Amos Adejimi

[Analyses]–Considering the recent pro and anti IPOB actions in some parts of Nigeria, the opinion that Nigeria is diving itself back to the past and the government seem to be silent about it cannot be denied.  Nigeria is just few steps to earning itself a prominent place among the list of most unsafe countries in Africa if adequate steps are not taken in time.

The news of how men of the Nigerian army allegedly raided Nnamdi Kanu’s residence in Umuauhia and also clashed with members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB on Sunday, September 10, 2017 as expected, received many criticisms by Nigerians. While IPOB claimed that Kanu’s home was raided, Nigerian army spokesperson, Major Oyegoke Gbadamosi of the 14 Brigade Nigerian Army denied the claims by IPOB. Abia State Police Command however confirmed the clash between IPOB members and men of the N14 Brigade Nigerian Army.

I can’t speak for anyone else but sending the Nigerian army to “contain” IPOB is a right move but came too early. Soldiers are trained to fight wars for crying out loud. Wars! not civil unrest. One may argue that IPOB activities are becoming warlike and that the government’s action is pre-emptive   but it should be noted that the Nigerian army nor the federal government has not at any time declared IPOB a terrorist group until Friday. If IPOB did not attain a terrorist group status before Monday, why then did the government employed the services of the army to “contain” IPOB’s activities?

Kanu’s excesses are becoming too much no doubt which is why the government should have arrested him long before now.

The government’s action has without doubt given IPOB the undue attention it wanted, given Kanu the image of a victimised superhero and also given the media something to write about. It is important to note that because of the government’s alleged raid of Kanu’s residence, a large percentage of the Igbo nation may see reasons to believe in his deformed ideology and movement.

It is also reported that IPOB members attacked the soldiers but is anyone talking about it? Obviously no. With the aid of social media, IPOB has been able to brainwash many into believing that soldiers attacked Kanu’s house. Nigeria is a country of people who believe social media posts than mainstream media. The events of the  videos being circulated on Facebook may have been stage managed by IPOB itself but the question is, how many Nigerians will not believe the video?

It should be recalled that it took a while before Mr. President actually made a statement concerning the excesses of some Fulani herdsmen in their host communities. IPOB is the latest form of risk against the country today yet the presidency has not issued any statement concerning it. The silence of the presidency on this delicate issue is saddening and can take the country back to pre-civil war events and probably the civil war itself.

The effects of the IPOB vs Nigerian Army saga is already being felt as there have been series of clashes within south-south Nigeria. Unknown gunmen allegedly attacked and killed four people in Cable Point, a community that is dominated by Hausas. The gunmen are yet to be identified but the fact that the attack is directed towards a Hausa community in Asaba indicates an attack with  inter-tribal undertones.

And to Nigerians, here is my one kobo. Don’t allow a man with a selfish interest of impressing his name on history records lead you to the disunity of Nigeria, loss of other Nigerian lives and most importantly, your life. Kanu created Biafra Radio, BSS among other national threats he has created but where is he today? We have achieved a lot together despite our differences so, rather than join hands in leading this country back to 1966, let’s join hands in taking it to the better future we all desire.

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