Don’t make that mistake – Kanu is never a freedom fighter

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By: Adedokun Seyi

[Analyses]–Born on September 29, 1933 in the North of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. He served as the President of Mozambique between 1975-1986. He died this particular end of his presidency too on October 19. He was a nurse in Maputo before he became the President under the political affiliation of Mozambique liberation movement (FRELIMO). He then rose to become a leader of Mozambique after the 1969 assassination of Eduardo Mondlane. Machel rose against the partial treatment given to Mozambicans which made him to report to the press. After gathering a lot of futile effort, he decided to join a liberation movement which would enforce this agitation of equality.

This apparently outlines a first action to take if a particular agitation is about to be made. However small it is, you can only know where to attack if you come out of the struggle and see how beautiful it would be at the end. Instead of staying in a pool and expect it to dry up, commonsense should apply that one has to leave the midst to see where to peg the gun. Unfortunately, Unlike President Samora Machel, Nnamdi Kanu has shown himself as a scamp other than a hero. In “Mein Kampf” of Adolf Hitler, he said “To learn history means to open your eyes and discover the forces that cause historical events to happen…”. It is obvious that the healing of the present exists from the perfect understanding of the past- a problem well explained is half solved. It is bemoaning of how titles are becoming unimportant anymore at this age because of some societal hooligans who give an unrepentant-problem-multipliers a title that belongs to noble clans.

I was drawn by what some people refer Kanu as Mandela of Nigeria and this questions my mind of how this can be, the summation of Samora and the ways Kanu does his things can only result to a none optically active stance of the latter. If war is to be fought, one has to learn the art and act with the heart and attitude, rehearse it, discuss it and move for it. In a simple classification not to rekindle the dancing fire, Kanu has succeeded in masterminding the youths and turning himself to the hand that drives the lives of many future builders into the ditch. Many know not history just like him and it’s like a one-eyed man leading the blind. Mahny shout, “Our names will be in history ”, “this is our land”, but they don’t mind what would be written about them and where there names will be in history. The main problem of Nnamdi Kanu isn’t marginalisation as somethinf else has crept in and made him to only wage war against personalities.

Unlike Nelson Mandela, who believed that responbilities come with freedom and that the oppressed and the oppressors are both in bondage, Nnamdi Kanu, who claims to be the oppressed is also oppressing calmness of a whole country. When he (Nelson Mandela) was the President of the African National Congress (ANC), during one of his ban, he understood that freedom fighters have to obey the laws. That a slogan is a vital link between the organization and the masses it seeks to lead. When you’re full of uncouth words against your leader- however corrupt, you’re bound to be named a frontier of disorderliness, theft and assassination of unity. John Reinder, Chief of the presidential protocol referred him as a freedom fighter who embraced his enemies on December 7,2013. As the cofounder of the ANC youth league, he led a protest against apartheid. Then, what is Kanu who only wishes to see a nation which is almost gathering its armour to break apart?

The best remedy is to be aggressive against disunity. Everyone in his community should see each person as he is. A nation where giants are known should stand as a secured nation. It should be a sort-after Nigeria and be unpossessed of an invertebrate giants. If the wall of a city has a crack, it is easy to say enemies have invaded but uneasy to tell if a citizen has been sponsoring any.

Obviously, when the wall is built, the home is known. And when the home is know with proper care and equal chances, no one would claim superior ovber the other. Everyone who shouts around the a new Messiah has come must not be too fast to shout hallelujah because it is improper to save the food of the noble for dogs. It is high time we started to learn the rope before we jump.

Adedokun Seyi writes from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

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