PIUNI: Participants lose over N6.5Bn to David Olowe’s MLM scam

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[Street Report]–A massive investigative process has begun into one of biggest high profile Multi-level marketing (MLM) scam across Africa and beyond. Piuni which claims to be a telecommunications company based in Arkansas in the United State and registered in 140+ countries with relevant government agencies.

David Olowe

The company which have registered banking accounts with FIDELITY BANK (Piuni Integrated Limited) claims to have several operating locations within Nigeria and provides a wide range of services such as airtime top ups, data bundle, bill payment in form of its proposed innovative products Uchat, Upay, Utopup, Uworld, Ubrowse, Ukind, Uskills, Ubills which could be used with its over 57,000 merchants across the globe and with currently over 600 Mobile Telecommunications Service Providers on board.…you can find out more here. Piuni affiliates are promised full access to Piuni platform. Earn commissions on all Piuni products and services, commissions on referrals, access to Initial Float/Stock of TopUp vouchers to sell to customers. They are also made to choose the basic ($140) or Premium ($540) pack to maximize their earning potential and to qualify for the Piuni Premium Partner program.

Findings have shown that a certain David Temitayo Olowe is mastermind behind the whole Piuni scam. The self-acclaimed business man, life coach and Harvard Business School graduate was born in May 1982 has very some close associates in Nigeria with who run the affairs of the company together. It is suspected that over a 100,000 persons had registered with company, with many of its affiliates investing over $5000 in scam. It is also estimated that David Olowe (PIUNI) has defrauded its affiliates of over N6,500,000,000 ($18,309,915)

It is over a year now, neither Piuni nor its founder has delivered on the countless promises of value to its affiliates leaving them in hardship. You will bear me witness that even a 9month old pregnant mother would have put to bed by now. DAVID OLOWE, The founder of Piuni has enriched his pockets with the many hard earned money of Piuni affiliates; living a luxury life in the US, Travelling here and there, expensive hotel lodging and more… Leaving its affiliates gasping for life in times of economic hardship. Sometime in April, the company had sponsored about 15 people whom it claimed had made it to some higher rank on its MLM ladder to Dubai for a treat. This ofcourse was part of its well-orchestrated plan aimed at further deceiving the winners of the trip and its many supporters into believing it is a genuine company; which would spur them to further seek out more unsuspecting joiners to part ways with their money in the name of Joining what is assumed to a genuine company. It might interest you to know that this same David Olowe was banned one time in the US from promoting an MLM program in the US. Implicating findings also connect David Olowe to several dubious scam purporting companies. Countless efforts made at reaching Mr David Olowe or any of his close associates by even highly placed affiliate of the scheme were futile as he is always found in the habit to blocking anyone who speaks to him as regards Piuni.

A group of its affiliate program are calling on the national and international government agencies, Internet Crime Complaint Center, Nigerian, USA, UK agencies on Internet Fraud to swiftly bring this information to general internet populace awareness and ro immediately apprehend this man as he is still reaping well-meaning Africans and internationals of their hard earn money.

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  1. Lola

    October 6, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    What are your proofs that Piuni business is a scam. Can you proof it? Or are have you been scammed?.

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