What comes to mind when you criticize?

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By: Adedokun Seyi

[Analyses]–“The man was directed to kill the foe, so he asked, what has he done?. He got a reply that he might have done so excellently that you cannot pick out a fault in him. He might be good to all at every side of condition. He would come to rescue you when you’re left alone and he’ll probably stay with you until the scar on your body disappears.”

Mercy, favour, kindness and goodness – all these just like saying “it is no news” but it is no news is no newer. These four gods are not new and I feel they are contributors that make higher bid in favour of those that wish to ground every person – that wish to destroy and nail it a mistake. Then should we say those four shouldn’t exist anymore? Obviously, something needs to be killed.

What do you think of a worst part of a moralist? He is not God neither is he perfect. But don’t you think any public figure is begrimed by senselessness who refuses to boomerang qand kowtow to a construction that will make his way as clear as “understanding”? In poetry classes, criticism may be brutal, if it’s otherwise, the clause to be made should be attended to! Criticism wants to birth clausibility factually, but in reality, it has become hatred, war, one-sidee and burst of long stored anger. Nowadays, our friends who blow grammar coupled with flimsiness have thought themselve as sages. Mind you, he who thinks himself to be one of the guided is not. You let others to speak about you.

Have you ever had the thought about the cloud, how it criticises the appearance of the sun? It overwhelms it and make it obscured till its time comes, it perturbs it just to cause it to strive for survival. The sun finds fault in the stars and flings them in to “re-strive “. How much more is you that shines like frog’s eyes seeking for whom to praise him, nodding its head like a wind-controlled newspaper? But you don’t know that whoever criticise will get the same blow one day.

Many people criticise for hatred. Why for living sake? They will never say they know better than they knew, but you’re getting worst day by day by their verdict. Many will never be great for bringing others down. Or have you ever seen one side of a rope balanced with the other cut down? Have you encountered a jag fit evenly? Criticism to crucify has been condoned among commoners and controlled fugitively among detractors. It is bitter, raw, mischievous.

We all lie amidst a passage – bladed, narrow and freezing and at the same time, you’re either expected to walk perfect in it. When one walks, the fault in his ways is the same as yours, it only comes in different ways. If you’re not a dragon, what must be your focus is not a setup. Please learn to pick them up.

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