9ice, Living Things and an Appraisal of Fraudulent Pursuits

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By: Gernish Tinuoye Shakur
[Analyses]–9ice being the stage name of Adigun Alapomeji is a talented maestro, whose brilliant and enduring career  have spanned over a decade in the Nigeria musical industry . His musical prowess has emblazoned, contributed and help promote Afro pop at home and in diaspora. He however, demonstrated his ingenuity and musical fecundity in clear exhibition by fusing his deep-rooted mother tongue, pidgin and the  English language to give his attentive audience best of percussive results.
However,several attacks have permeated the air bothering on the lyrical content of his trending track- “Living Things”. Living  things” is 9ice’ latest track. A controversial one,wherein he extolled cyber crimes as a means of getting rich.
Trend is a slippery and dicey concept. It could be an arousal of action, a misleading foe or a revolutionary pointer. It comes with either light  or gloom; life or doom; retrogression or progression. Only few of all recent trends in our society preach moral gospels.  Moral teachings should be a continuous  one but psychologically,we think not much of the monotony. For it become  a common thing. This however, gives room and listening ears to improper and illicit inclination. For its inherent oddities is soothing to the sensuous  nerves!
Music, as an inseparable element of culture and also a means of recreation after execution of tasking undertakings or as to seek fun and excitement wield a huge influential tendency on listeners- its subjects. It could be use to rouse people to action,reinforce beliefs and concepts,it also predisposed people’s inclination and alter their preferential propensities as musical exponents are seen as apostles by die- hard fans!
Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation,NBC, was reported to have banned songs of Nigerian hip-hop artists; Olamide’s “WO” and “Wavy Level” Davido’s “Fall” and “If”( Remix)and 9ice’ “Living things”. NBC claimed that these songs being banned for indecency,vulgar and profanities and for glamourzing fraud (This aim at 9ice’ Living things).
It was also reported that a fellow artist,Falz, criticised this track glamourzing fraud weeks after its release. In Living things, 9ice’ further states the axiomatic verity in rhetorical flourishes that “money doesn’t fall from heaven”.  Even a fool know this. He yet opted to encourage youngsters in subtle and indirect yet ridiculous fashion to embrace a slothful and slovenly manner to make money.
He mentioned names of loathsome  and detestable celebrities whose source of wealth are subject to several unsavoury narratives from the public due to their flashing of ill-gotten weals,putrid lifestyles and misbehavior on social networks.
Weeks ago,the ineffectual NBC purportedly ban the track after they considered it unwholesome to the youthful psyches hence to prevent the breeding of cyber kleptomaniacs as preached in the awful track. In an unapologetic and shameless manner,the inoperative NBC issued a statement refuting its alleged ban of the track. Let’s assume it’s an initial rumour that the music was ban. And as such,this rumor serves as enough cue for NBC to carefully analyze the lyrical content and check within their procedural measures if the song is fit enough to remain in public domain.It’s just like when you are alarmed that an heavily armed burglar is heading your way in the dead of the night and you immediately sought security personnel assistance, on apprehending the buglar,who make stealthy and suspicious moves in late hours. You discovered he wield no weapon but a pistol and a dagger! Would you call him a peaceful and freeman? Would you accuse your informant of misinformation or tagged him a false observer? Most of all, would you welcome this gentle man of the road into your home to pass the night? Am sure you imagine how taunting and daunting the analogy sounds!
Instead, the NBC issued its demoralizing statement of “not banning” the stupid track. This issuance of statement is nothing other than revealing its (NBC) ineptitude and utter turpitude to the well informed public. This act is acting as a digression from their core precept “report a bad or unprofessional broadcast”. In 9ice’ instance they upheld not guidelines in tandem with their guide(rules).
In response to the statement released by NBC 9ice had this to say,  “after the ban,there was another letter that the song was not banned. But  I am thanking the NBC for the ban,the song go blow, so NBC am (sic) releasing more songs soon that you guys will have to ban.” This is the response of the perverse singer. He claimed that the banning rumour help promote the worthless track and he went ahead to publicly promised the release of more tracks that will contravene the societal norms.
Despite his musical talent, 9ice has over time proved himself as an unworthy role model by realising music at variance with societal norms like BO KINNI YEN,a profane-laced lyrics he released in 2010. Would it be inappropriate to assume that he had greased the palms of NBC officials from the remnants of scrips he got from “flamboyant cyber thieves” he  eloquently praised in the track? Would it be an act of unfairness that taint his personality to assume him and his cohorts dropping similar depraved tracks as bad influence on the industrious fledgling youths? Would it be viewed as a vicious sadism to say I am happy he lost his senatorial struggle? Is this a reasonable compatriots that will stand to protect the  interest  of his people? NO. He’s a depraved and libertine( BO KINNI YEN attest to this) aught!
NBC as a body charged with such sacred responsibility should wake up from its quiescent state and prevent these ciphers to mislead our weak-minded youths through their perverse lifestyles!

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