Shittu accuses former aide of blackmailing, says he backdated letter two days to his dismissal

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[Abuja]–Adebayo Shittu, minister of communications has accused Victor Oluwadamilare, his former aide of blackmailing him in  a letter that went viral on Thursday where the latter had requested for the remaining sum of N13million as outstanding from the monthly emolument allegedly being owed by the Minister.

While stating further that the letter written  by his former aide is merely targeted to mislead the public, Shittu further accused him of backdating the said letter two days to his dismissal.

His letter was dated March 12, 2018 while a copy of his dismissal letter obtained by THEPAGE was dated March 14, 2018 and the former has been accused to have backdated his letter to seem that he was disengaged because of his letter.

Recall that the aide had earlier written a letter published by media houses where he accused the Minister of corruption, expending state resources towards his  gubernatorial ambition in Oyo State amongst others.

However, in a statement by the Minister’s media team titled   “Victor Oluwadamilare: the Agony of Judas”, where the former aide’s action was described as satanic and ‘luciferous’.

Oluwadamilare Victor chose to stay

The release stated that the former aide had the liberty to leave when the monthly emolument value was modified to a hundred thousand but decided to stay because he didn’t want to go jobless.

“In our magnanimous manner, we would like to educate Mr. Oluwadamilare that it is an extant provision in the law of contract that consideration does not have to be adequate but has to be of value. He had the liberty to leave but decided to stay (obviously because he did not want to go jobless again) but like the slyful soul that he is, he had it all planned out to blackmail the Honourable Minister. Mr. Oluwadamilare was quick to point out that he was earning the sum of a hundred thousand naira monthly for doing absolutely nothing but he did not tell Nigerians of other benefits made available to him ranging from estacodes for travelling (through the minister he has travelled to countries such as Spain, China, South Korea, Cameroon among others) free accommodation, mobility to a host of other unaccounted cash donations to him.”

The Minister refused to inject his name into the Federal Civil Service payroll

The former aide was also accused of blackmailing the minister now because the latter had refused to fraudulently inject his name into the payroll of the Federal Civil Service being incompatible with the Minister’s stance against corruption.

“It is pertinent to inform Nigerians that the letter written by Mr. Oluwadamilare Victor was only a smokescreen for him to ventilate his bile against the Minister for not engaging in untoward practices for him. He had expected that the Minister would play a hanky-panky game of injecting his name into the payroll of the Federal Civil Service so that he would be getting as much as he wanted at the expense of the Nigerian State. However the Minister, given his sterling position against corruption and corrupt practices, refused to do such.

“Hence, his outbursts.”

Oluwadamilare Victor refused accommodation provided to stay in a hotel

It was also alleged that the former aide refused accommodation provided to lodge in a hotel and he expended all money given to him to finance his licentious lifestyle.

“It must also be on the record that the debt burden which Mr. Oluwadamilare Victor alluded to in his letter is just to finance his licentious lifestyle. He alleged that he stayed in a hotel for twenty-nine months but maliciously refused to add that it was his decision to stay in the hotel despite the fact that comfortable accommodation was made available to him. He will be in a position to explain if he needed the ‘hotel’ to attend to other urgent “matters of state”. He also played up an appeal to pity by saying that his appointment has caused much emotional trauma to his family and friends but did not explain how he squandered the several monies he got on ‘urgent matters of state’ and not his family.”

Not an ‘Estacode Minister’…

In the letter that went viral, the former aide had accused the Minister to have collected over N50 MILLION as salary (and) travelling expenses on the coffers of the Ministry running into several millions of naira, while he had collected estacodes in excess of $800,000 which earned him the nickname  ESTACODE MINISTER in the Presidency. 

The release responded that “in a bid to play down the contribution of the Honourable Minister, the sacked SA (Media) referred to the Minister as an ‘Estacode Minister’. For the sake of clarity, the Minister does not embark on a foreign trip that is not sanctioned by the President.

“If by regulation, the Minister like any public or civil servant, is entitled to estacode, can it now be said that it is unlawful or criminal? Besides, these trips were undertaken to represent the country as well as draw Foreign Direct Investment to her.

“It is instructive to state that it was one of these trips that earned Nigeria over four billion dollars pledged in investment from India Business Community. Another case in point is the securing of a reduction of thirty million dollars ($30m) in the price of the procurement of two new satellites from China for the Nigerian Telecommunications Satellite Limited.

“May we also quickly add that the claim of Mr Oluwadamilare that the Minister has so far earned the lump sum of $800,000 as estacodes for his foreign trips is nothing but a figment of his imagination. This is the most ridiculous of allegations coming from a confused man such as him.”

Shittu does not start a fight but never runs away from any

The statement further added that, “his action can best be described as a clear descent into barbarism and we want him to note that Barrister Adebayo Shittu does not start a fight but never runs away from any.

“We would have heeded the words of Proverbs 26 verse 4 but we are encouraged by the admonition in verse 5 of the same chapter.

“We admonish Mr. Oluwadamilare and his co-travellers to note that the Adebayo Shittu’s campaign drive is a moving train, a project sanctioned by God.”

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