Like Oluigbo, like Trump! by Odolaye Aremu

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[Analyses]–…in your lifetime, just as I’ve richly experienced it Wakilu! You shall run headlong into one, or few of those ‘wonderful’ humans the Lord made on one of those tiring days! He never could complete work on them in just a day, so he had to comeback the day after, to sign off on them.

He seems to have made them purposely to either challenge our collective patience; or to disturb our sense of sanity and that of common sense; and perhaps He thought it wouldn’t be too bad for us to come face to face with some of our worst agent provocatuers as they act out their destinies in their prevailing, individual communities!

They are so easy to masterfully read though; as they have the tenacity to descend low from the most enviable heights, to compete for space with those 5yr-olds over there manning hard that rusty Jangirofa equipment if that weird gesture would impress anyone, or if it’ll help them prove the most idiotic point!

Petulant still if you look beyond that kitschy throne, and of course far from the prestige of that tempestous Presidency! A bunch of men-child still they are, if you know just the right nursery rhymes to sing to wind them up, or the perfect sleep-inducing lullabies to sing them into stuporous slumber! Wealthy as they, still sad to declare their moral impoverishment!

The overdecorated King has started his usual self-commissioned ‘Tales By Moonlight’ yet again! His primordial craving for public attention seems like a chronic affliction, as his sick werewolf is back howling crazily at the full moon! And the undeserving President has rubbished his fake mandate. He has rented to unrecoverable pieces, the colorfully-designed, the rich, the beautifully vast tapestry; symbolizing the unquantifiable prestige of his office. He brainlessly jerked off hard in the Oval Office, he ejaculated equally hard and spray that space with tiny sprinkles of his odious semen. He’s now left a nasty trail of horrible DNA in the damn place! It is the short tale of two men-child: like Oluigbo, like Donald Trump!

*A Note To Waki*

Odolaye Saburi Aremu is a social observer, commentator and an oddball with a usually, unusually perspective on social issues. He’s a retired baby boomer, presently residing at Fiditi, Afijio LGA Oyo State.

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