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The Page Newspaper, through its website (, seeks to expand the frontiers of journalism in Nigeria through focus reportage on those not-too-significant areas but that are very vital to the sustenance and prosperity of values in our society.

To carry out this mission, The Page has rightly identified its niche in ensuring an accountability reporting in Nigerian entrepreneurship ecosystem, critical reporting of Nigeria’s education sector, local market analyses, a comprehensive coverage of Ibadan metropolis amongst other similar areas.

Having identified the advantages of collaborative journalism, The Page has provided a platform for citizen journalists and another platform for the publication of letters to editors of all newspaper in Nigeria thereby ensuring a culture of mutual dialogue which facilitates the respect of diversity and the promotion of our shared values.

The Page is also established to be a platform instigating constructive dialogue on new, indigenous and exciting ideas that will add meaning to our living, as a people.

In all, The Page shall always adhere to its vision, by striving to pitch its loyalty to the right party, the people.