Advert Policy and Rates

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Name Position Size in Pixel Duration Price (₦)
LEADERBOARD Beside the logo 970x90px 30 Days 100,000
Beside the logo 970x108px 180,000
Above the logo 970x470px 250,000
BACKGROUND Your brand picture appears as a background of the website and it appears through all web pages. Entire Homepage 30 Days 700,000
7 Days 200,000
RECTANGLE Right hand side of the front page and it appears on all web pages 320X250px 30 Days 150,000
7 Days 40,000
LARGE RECTANGLE Just like the above and in the same position but bigger. 320X920px 30 Days 300,000
7 Days 80,000
ADVERTORIALS/SPONSORED CONTENT It appears as a post on the homepage and can be in the form of text, picture or pdf. 30 Days 200,000
7 Days 60,000
INSERTION Appears in the middle of every post on Front Page as a picture with the caption “Advertisement”.  700x60px 30 Days 50,000
7 Days 15,000
VIDEO AD Displayed on the right hand side of the front page and plays automatically to visitors 15-30 seconds 30days 100,000
7 Days 30,000




For all our prospective clients, please ensure to note the following:

  • We accept adverts comprising of business, political, religious, charity and social causes content. However, they must not contain obscene, indecent or profane language.
  • All adverts must not contain contents designed to affect the sensibilities of any race, color, sex, nationality, ethnicity, age, religion, or disability.
  • Clients should also ensure that their advert does not include any discriminatory or defamatory content targeted at unnecessarily attacking another man’s personality.
  • The ethical standards of the Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria (APCON) must at all times be satisfied.
  • All adverts must be received three days ahead of placement.
  • Adverts will only be displayed on our website when payments have been confirmed.
  • Money paid into our account cannot be refunded but may be substituted for a new advert in case of cancellation of the initial one.

Thank you very much for advertising with us.